I enjoy taking long walks and feel a heightened awareness when slowing down and noticing what’s around me.  I therefore decided over the years to make walking one of my art forms.

I document specific walks I take on routes (and places) that have special meaning to me.  The walk becomes a special pilgrimmage honoring this special place, the many acts of noticing, and being on this earth within a body.  I photograph things that attract me, relate to a memory, or compel me to look harder. The walks are done in the spirit of discovery and appreciation. I’m attracted to those things that could easily be overlooked and unnoticed  such as a shadow or the texture on metal or piece of garbage with an interesting shape.

Along the way, I pick up “treasures”, objects that I find interesting, contain a story,  or compel me by their shape, materiality, or mystery.  I keep these treasures together in a box.  These walks honor the places that I have connected with and honor the art of slowing down and really noticing those things that are often overlooked – Those things that are right before our eyes have many things to say to us in their silence if we just listen and see.   Walk on!

Please click on any of the links below to view the photos related to that walk.

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